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When you see a symbol of my hand in gold next to the description that means the Makau is custom made to order.
Custom made orders may take up to three weeks to carve and ship out. Mahalo nui!

Wave Makau


hand made in hawaii by Pookela*Handmade and One of a Kind. Wave Makau (Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace) hand carved on Oahu by Po'okela. Carved to resemble a wave and the ferocious power it has when breaking. The agility and precision it takes to tuck into an almond shaped barrel off the break is key to making it out alive. Fine finish and high polish gives this hook an edge to keep you on point. Overall, a Makau for awareness.

Wave Makau
Wave Makau

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Ships from: Hawai'i
Hand made in Hawai'i by Po'okela

Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace