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Honi Mammoth Hook

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hand made by Po'okelaHoni Mammoth Tusk Hook Necklace. The Makau (Hawaiian fish hook) in the picture is the one you will receive. Finished with a multi layer poly coat.

On the back of the hook the material has decided to create a few splints. This is caused by moisture that enters in between the cracks. I put as many poly coats to fill the surface as I could without taking away it's natural beauty. That's the reason for the sale price.

*Chord is adjustable and can fit over all head shapes and sizes. 

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• Design: Honi
• Material: Fossil Mammoth Tusk
• Lash: Traditional Hawaiian
• Chord: Hand Twisted Adjustable
• End Beads: Hand carved fossil mammoth tusk.
• Dimensions: Please view image of hook next to quarter.
• Size: Small
• Gift Box Included With Purchase: Yes
• Shipping: FREE to USA, includes tracking number.

Ships within 24-48 hours. For international orders additional charges may apply.

Mammoth bone is a very old material and should be cared for. I highly suggest that you do not wear this hook in water.

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