Aloha! I am currently out of stock and back ordered on custom made pieces carved from bone, horn, and wood.
Gold & Silver hooks are available.
If you would like to purchase a specific piece, please email me first. Mahalo, Po'okela!

Aloha! I am currently out of black horn material. The same makau shapes can be carved in available materials. Please email to see whats in stock. Mahalo! Po'okela

Double Barb Koa Makau

$150.00 $157.50

hand made by Po'okelaKoa in Hawai’ian means brave, bold, fearless, valiant, and courageous. The wood itself is endemic to the Hawaiian islands and is prized across the world for it’s luster and color variations. The featured double barb curly koa hook is custom made to order from prized curly koa wood found on the big island. The makau (fish hook pendant) is hand sanded and finished with a multi layer water resistant coat. on the island of Oahu by Po’okela.

Custom orders can take up to two weeks to carve and ship out. Please call or email us if you would like this piece as a gift for someone and need the order expedited. (It’s possible to carve and ship out within 1-3 days depending on your order quantity.)

The makau (Hawaiian fish hook) in the picture is custom made to order. 

*Cord is adjustable to fit over all head shapes and sizes. 

Out of stock

All necklaces include a gift box and complimentary ground shipping with tracking to the USA.

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