Aloha! I am currently out of stock and back ordered on custom made pieces carved from bone, horn, and wood.
Gold & Silver hooks are available.
If you would like to purchase a specific piece, please email me first. Mahalo, Po'okela!

Aloha! I am currently out of black horn material. The same makau shapes can be carved in available materials. Please email to see whats in stock. Mahalo! Po'okela

Aku – Dark Green Jade Fish Hook Necklace

$120.00 $126.00

This design is shaped after the traditional Hawaiian triple barb Makau (fish hook necklace). In ancient Hawaiian legends it was the fish hook that brought protection and magical powers to those at sea. It is said that who ever possessed the magical fish hook while fishing would harvest a great catch. Often times Aku would just fly into the boat from the ocean. It was also worn to bring protection against evil spirits and surround one with light.

• Material: Dark Green Nephrite Jade
• Lashing: Traditional Hawaiian
• Chord: Tan Adjustable
• Dimensions: Please see photo of fish hook pendant next to quarter

*Cord is adjustable and can fit over all head shapes and sizes

Out of stock

All necklaces include a gift box and complimentary ground shipping with tracking to the USA.

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