Aloha! When you see a symbol of my hand in gold next to the description that means the Makau is custom made to order.
Custom made orders may take 1-2 weeks to carve and ship out after your purchase date. Mahalo nui!

Aloha in Kauai

After landing in Lihue, I caught the Kauai bus to Kapaa a small art town. The bus was filled with locals and backpackers, many who have bought one way tickets in search of adventure. I too was on this search…instantly I made a friend named Jay who gave me a wealth of knowledge about Kauai and was very welcoming to share what he knew. He said to head to Hanalei then hitch up the coast to see water caves, snorkel, and hike. Then a sailor invited me to travel the Napali Coast and set sail into the deep blue. There are so many things in life that seem to call your name and say, “Come with me, I know the way.” But, what do you follow? The signs..God..people..your heart, the mind, or all of them? I am here to tap into the truth of it all. A journey continued…

Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace