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A Carvers Tale – Patience in Koke’e

Koke’e is a beautiful mountainside where hikers from all over the world come to camp and hike. With a few new friends, we headed up the mountain to venture the Ditch Trail, known for it’s scenic views overlooking waterfalls. This place is truly the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. We saw soaring birds, mountain goats, waterfalls, Koa Trees, lizards, and found a secret bridge where you can lounge and rest. The trail was a bit treacherous but maintained enough to hike without fear of death. At the very end of the hike you will see the most amazing views of the canyon.

It was up here, overlooking God’s creation where I gained a valuable life lesson. The one I had been searching for…I learned patience. It said, do not rush to get rich, or work so hard you lose your health. When I am patient, I have time to think and breath allowing my body and mind freedom to be. With patience there is no anxiety or rushing. Life works out for the good and there is actually time to enjoy both yourself and others.

This lesson of patience was even more evident on the way back from the trail. I asked my friend, “Are we going back another way?” He said, “no”. We realized on the hike up, our heads were down because we were on a “mission to get somewhere”.  After we hiked to the top and accomplished our goal, the time back was more enjoyable. We could now lift up our heads and see what was around us. I thought this insight was astounding! Often times, we are too busy to lift our head up and see what is around us. And the very same beauty is always there, we just need to have patience and look around. I once heard it said, “Everything you need to succeed is right in front of you”.

My lesson was learned, thank you Kauai.

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