This year the volcano on the big island has been erupting fiercely destroying life and making room for new life to begin. While I was looking at the volcano erupting, it reminded me how powerful the earth is and how life is to be cherished. Each link on the chain is hand engraved to resemble lava flowing around the volcano bringing new formations to it’s surroundings. Adjustable from 18 – 21. The pendant shields are pressed by hand to forge the shape of the hook. It’s outer shell is engraved with a Hawaiian Old English design. This one of a kind ebony Lava Hook necklace is hand carved by Po’okela and is THE ONLY one available.


• Design: Lava Hook
• Chain: Adjustable 18-20 inch hand engraved scroll chain 925 silver
• Chain: Fixed 21 inch rope chain made in Italy 925 silver
• Pendant: black ebony wood
• Shields: .925 silver lava engraved
• Engraving: Hawaiian Old English


for questions call (808) 277-3147 or email [email protected] . I want to be assured that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. I am here to help you out if you have any questions before you buy.


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