Inspirational Carvings are inspired by many things in life. I’d say the top three things that inspire me are day to day and cultural experiences, something I’ve read in a book or watched in a movie, or a dream I had while sleeping. At the center of those sensory sources of inspiration I am very inspired by my faith and belief in God. The omnipresent creator of all in all. While I’m carving, I channel that mana energy into the piece in hopes that the wearer will also embody that spirit and energy. It is my pursuit to be pure and do what is good in life so that I can be a vessel of light energy for myself and everyone I encounter. I hope this inspires you to find your source of inspiration and be all you can be. 


Inspirational Carvings

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Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace

Ocean Side

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Fossilized Walrus Ivory

Lani Polū

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Custom Made

Tribal Kai

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Inspirational Carvings

Infinity Love Swan Pendant

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Curly Koa Wood

Rice Bowls Barrel Makau

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