Each piece is hand crafted with great attention to detail by Po’okela. He works with the natural hues & textures of the raw material to bring out the curves and contours of the design as the piece takes shape. Carvings on the surface of the pendant add extra layers of meaning and often tell a story, legend, or tale. The Trio Elemente’ has been a popular choice amongst Collectors as it is a limited edition collection and captures the look and feel of Po’okelas’ new journey through Lions Leap. 

$1,200.00 $1,260.00

Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace

Ocean Side

$460.00 $483.00

Fossilized Walrus Ivory

Lani Polū

$398.00 $417.90

Custom Made

Tribal Kai

$380.00 $399.00

Inspirational Carvings

Infinity Love Swan Pendant

$320.00 $336.00



$250.00 $262.50

Curly Koa Wood

Rice Bowls Barrel Makau

$125.00 $131.25