Choosing the right Talisman can make all the difference.
Po’okela has designed and carved a limited edition Talisman Collection to bring you a timeless and classic selection. 


They go where few people venture, testing the limits of the human mind and body. Some of the world’s most intrepid explorers, sailors, mountaineers, watermen, and entrepreneurs wear the Explorer talisman to places that tested their strength in the toughest conditions. The explorer makau has has been worn as a talisman to those who dare to take on audacious feats that stretch the very confines of reality.


You may not see the destination but you can trust that the stars will guide you through the night. As the navigator you are an alchemist of the elements, able to adapt and shift course to arrive at your desired destination. The Navigator talisman is worn by sailors, pilots, and adventurers as a symbol of strength and guidance. Weather the storm and embrace the beacon of light that resides within to guide you on your journey. 

signature wave rice bows hook


“Thou hast seen what is unseen and called it to be.” One of the great gifts bestowed upon mankind is free will and the ability to manifest what you dream and ask of in life. The Manifestor is able to take an idea and turn that thought into a reality. Worn on the chest to transmute thought energy into emotion so that it can be communicated to those around you at the right time.