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Infinity Symbol

The Infinity Symbol
The infinity symbol is said to have Latin origins and means “unboundedness”, and can also be interpreted as endlessness or limitlessness. Originally used for mathematics to represent potential infinity. In 1655 the English mathematician John Wallis was accredited with introducing the symbol we all know and see today to mathematics. 
In modern day the infinity symbol keeps it’s name “Infinity”, and does not deviate from it’s Greek roots. Since the time of the ancient Greeks, the philosophical nature of infinity was the subject of many discussions among philosophers. 
Here at Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace Po’okela likes to view his carving process as infinite in the sense that there is never an end to his carving, the pursuit of stretching the confines of creative expression and the love for life itself. 
The infinity symbol is a timeless symbol and can be found in almost every culture as decorative art and on people as tattoos. 
Let’s take this moment to appreciate the infinite possibilities that life has to offer and give gratitude for this world we live in. How we view life will shape our infinite possibility of doing what ever we dream or ask of. On the flip side a person who thinks infinitely negative and dark thoughts will have infinite bad results. Remember the infinity has no bias and it’ sup to you shape how infinite you want to be. 

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