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Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace is your trusted supplier of custom and hand made Hawaiian fish hook necklaces. Browse the shop and find a wide variety of styles that come in materials sourced locally and from around the world. Thinking of a nice gift for someone special? Or, perhaps you would like to treat yourself to a Hawaiian Makau (fish hook necklace). With pieces ranging from $25.00 to $1k+ USD you are sure to find the perfect Hawaiian hook necklace for any occasion.

You will find Ancient Hawaiian Replicas, Luxury Fish Hook Necklaces, Custom &  Hand Made Hooks by Po’okela, Inspirationally Designed Pieces, and affordable pendants hand selected by Po’okela.

Every piece that is hand crafted by Po’okela will have a picture of his hand (in green or gold) next to the description to assure you that you are purchasing an authentic piece. Hand selected pieces are made available at an affordable price and have a symbol of a (blue hand) next to the description.

What type of hooks can I buy on your site?

Where did you learn to carve Hawaiian fish hooks?



   Thirteen years ago, I had a dream to be an artist and make a living doing something I enjoy. I wanted to remove the idea of the, “struggling artist,” and become an, “Accomplished Artist.” Carving was something I always liked doing so I went on a journey to learn how to carve the traditional Makau (Hawaiian Fish Hook). During my search, I found mentors who taught me how to carve the Makau, braid the rope, and lash the hook in a traditional Hawaiian style. After 5 years of training, I knew my time had come to sell them. It is now a mission in my life to carry on the tradition of Hawaiian hook carving and share the gift with the world.

      Over the past few years I have acquired a skill to engrave on the surface of the hook. I feel this adds a personalized touch to custom made and inspirational pieces. The idea came from looking at na ki’i pohaku (Hawaiian hieroglyphics). I thought, why not engrave stories on the hooks? Now some of my pieces depict stories in an abstract form that incorporate symbolism in nature, history, and ancient symbols from all parts of the world.

      When I was born I was given the name Po’okela, meaning, “Champion”. After completing my search and taking the time to perfect each Makau (Fish Hook Necklace), I finally felt like I deserved the name Po’okela. I hope everyone who wears a Makau that I carve will feel the Mana (Power) and be reminded they can do anything they dream and ask of in life.